Wall Coverings

Full range of functional wall papers and decorations to enjoy for home and commercial construction use.
  • Quality of Sincol’s Wall Coverings

    Sincol provides certainty in quality for our customers.

    Our products are ranked the highest level (F☆☆☆☆) in terms of low emissions of formaldehyde, and we are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board.

  • A More Comfortable Lifestyle Thanks To Sincol’s Functional Wallpapers

    For those who want pets, easy way to wipe-off grime, and keep the air clean.

    Sincol provides a wide range of functional wallpapers to meet these needs.

    *See the sample booklet for details.

  • “toccake” Special Wholesale Products - Making Walls More Enjoyable.

    “toccake” decorative wall products add an enjoyment factor to wallpaper.

    We have a huge range of specialty products; “Jizai Trim Sincol x mt” is our collaboration with the popular “mt”, “FIXPIX” for wall stickers, “ferm” is our imported (from Northern Europe) series, and Quick Joiner wall designs.

  • A cleaner wallpaper joint line. Quick Joiner

    A cleaner wallpaper joint line.

    Using Quick Joiner leads to cleaner joint lines for wallpapers of different materials, wallpapers of different colors, and wallpapers of different thicknesses. It can also be used for joints between the ceiling and walls, and between fixtures and the walls.

Catalog Lineup

  • Skilled Renovations

    Published May 2018

    Date published: 21st May 2018

    Choose from your favorite style
    Choose by wet area
    Choose from functionality
    Choose from color of floor or building fixtures

    Total number of products

    Wallpapers: 115 items Vinyl chloride resin wallpapers
    Interior finish materials: 63 items Quick Joiner / Cushion floor
    Use: Residential, new buildings / renovations


    2018 – 2020
    Published April 2018

    Date published: 21st April 2018

    Enjoy choosing your wallpaper

    You can search from 5 themes; “style” “room” “pattern” “color” “functionality”

    •Use: Residential New builds / renovations
    •Total products: 615 wallpapers + 140 special wholesale products (Jizai Trim / Quick Joiner / New Mold Wall / Real Wall)
    •Printed serial numbers: BA-3001~3580 / BL-3601~3635 / RW-18019~18023 / STK-13001~13223

  • SL PLUS Wallpaper

    Published May 2017

    Date published: 22nd May 2017
    Total number of products: 100 items (all products mold resistant)

    Use: Residential, contractors, commercial / All types of facilities

    Nonflammable type: 3 items, crack resistant and low weight type: 5 items, antibacterial and water resistant: 31 items, antibacterial / water resistant and tough type: 21 items, tough type: 2 items

    Long-term product line

    3 items until 2021, 11 items until 2027

  • BEST – Wallpapers for commercial outlets, hotels, contractors, all types of facilities and living spaces

    Published April 2017

    Date published: 21st April 2017

    Total number of products:
    Wallpapers: 923 items
    Special Wholesale products: 230 items

    Price: 1000 yen per m² (Not including tax / trim construction fees / special wholesale products)

    Use: Hotels, commercial contractors, hospitals, rehab facilities for the elderly, living spaces

    Grime resistant wallpapers: 157 items
    Enforced surface wallpapers: 177 items
    Deodorizing wallpapers: 236 items

    Anti-viral: 9 items
    Anti-allergen: 13 items

    Akaru clean: 5 items
    Breathable / moisture absorbing wallpapers: 50 items

    Wall decorations:
    Jizai Trim, Interior Sticker, Quick Joiners, Real Wall, New Mold Wall, etc.

  • Certified Non-combustible Wallpaper 1000

    Published May 2017

    Date published: 21st April 2017

    Total number of products: 275 items

    •Air therapy + coat (including hard type): 29 items
    •Air therapy: 46 items
    •Anti-viral: 5 items
    •Anti-allergen: 6 items
    •Breathable: 4 items
    •Super hard type: 20 items
    •Hard type – grime resistant: 18 items
    •Hard type: 31 items
    •Refclean (including hard type): 16 items
    •Long-term products: 14 items
    •Products recommended for renovations: 25 items

  • WALL PRO – Wallpapers for commercial outlets, hotels, contractors, all types of facilities and living spaces

    Published October 2016

    Date published: 21st October 2016

    Total number of products:
    Wallpapers: 589 items (special wholesale products: 239 items)

    Use: Commercial facilities, hotels, contractors, residential


    •Speckled materials: 120 items
    •Vinyl wallpapers: 167 items
    •Laura Ashley: 70 items
    •Japanese papers: 59 items
    •Rokuta handmade papers: 34 items
    •Imported wallpapers: 19 items

    Wallpaper materials:
    •Vinyl wallpapers, material wallpapers, window films, MOZAICA, SLISTONE, Quick Joiner


    February 2015

    Date published: 28th February 2015

    We sell wallpapers of the globally loved brand LAURA ASHLEY. The original flower patterns and feminine designs evoke not just beloved feelings, but as they also incorporate trends and along with the superior quality of this brand, they offer uniquely styled offerings.

    Use: Commercials spaces, contractors, residential wallpapers and decorations
    Products: 70 items


    Published October 2014

    Date published: August 2014
    Total number of products: 39 items
    Use: Commercial spaces, contractors, residential wallpapers and decorations
    Commercial / product number: MO-501~539
    Standard: Sheets of 290mm square or 310mm square
    Adhesive backed products (removable film type)
    Fire resistance ability: all items not fire resistance
    Retail prices:
    •MOZAICA Crystal: 6 items – 5,700 yen / sheet
    •MOZAICA: 24 items – 1,100 – 1,800 yen / sheet
    •MOZAICA mural style: 5 items – 3,500 yen / sheet
    •MOZAICA mural style: 4 items – 11,000 – 145,000 yen / set
    (All items not inclusive of consumption tax and installation costs)


    Published February 2011

    Product number: ST-01 – ST-10

    Type: 2 types, 10 items
    Size: 1210×610mm(±3mm) 0.73 m² /sheet
    Thickness: 1.2 – 1.8mm
    Weight: 1.5 – 1.9kg /sheet

    Price: 12,000 yen per sheet   Price does not include consumption tax, delivery and installation.
    Minimum order quantity: 1 sheet
    •Products are not fire resistant.
    •SLISTONE products differ more than anticipated from sheet to sheet in terms of weight, thickness, pattern, roughness and color.
    •Please be aware imported products are subject to price changes, specification changes and discontinuing without prior notice.
    •Please check with our sales representatives for delivery times and stock levels.

  • belbien

    Published June 2016

    Inherited ideas and accumulated techniques.
    New “expressions” are born out of continuous hard work.
    Three new categories have been released by belbien: “Super Abstract”, “Vintage Modern” and “Wood Plus”. Also, decorative glass films “belbian Clea” and plaster sheets for interior design use “Shikkui Lemarge” have been added, completing the comprehensive sample book for belbien.