Chair Upholstery

Advanced upholstery offering a superior feel to sit on, functionality and environmentally friendliness.
  • Sincol Chair Upholstery Products

    Sincol puts the upmost of effort into quality assurance to ensure we offer safe chair upholstery products for peace of mind.

    ■JSA - JIS L 1096
    Testing methods for woven and knitted fabrics
    ■JSA - JIS L 0842
    Test methods for color fastness to enclosed carbon arc lamp light
    ■JSA - JIS L 0849, JIS K 6772
    Test methods for color fastness to rubbing

  • More familiar, easier to use – with QR codes.

    Use your smartphone to instantly gain access to the information you need! The information in sample books is updated yearly, keeping it fresh. A utility model application has been filed.

    Simply by using the QR code displayed on each page, access to the latest specifications of the fabrics and information on testing is accessible.

  • Functionality

    “Suitable for all types of people”

    Sincol have a full range of functional products, based on the theme “Suitable for all types of people”. Our multilayered products service areas from “Tru-Plex” to medical institutions, and social welfare organizations – with antibacterial and spill resistance, as well as other properties, we have many products on offer that are functional for use for many different applications

  • An Abundance of Colors

    Genuine quality can be seen in non-patterned fabrics. Non-patterned textiles and leathers by Sincol.

    The name of the highest quality – with 5 functional properties.
    All Mighty - 108 color choices.
    The well-known quality that you will never bore of – the Star Series.
    Mine Star - 69 color choices.

Catalog Lineup


    Published January 2019

    The name of this lineup has been updated to “FURNISHING TEXTILE” from “Upholstery Materials”.

    Sincol Textile Mission

    The production of an uncomplete sample book.
    We’ve racked our brains, so that our upholstery textiles play the role of melding the chair that you sit on into their surroundings and completing the chair, taking it to its ultimate form.

    Number of products: 131 patterns, 586 items
    Price range: 2,900 yen to 22,000 yen


    January 2018

    “The Masters” is an organization that is approved by Sincol Material System, that devises safety systems, well known for ensuring quality in safety, functionality, color and design and used for special orders.

    By having the makers of the fabrics undertake checks throughout their work, from the planning stage, it also contributes to preventing the circulation of inferior imitation products, which wear out faster.

    “The Masters” is suited to the construction of quality Japanese made chairs and sofas – specialists from various factories gather to work on design.
    Using the masters’ knowledge and ingenuity, we bring you products with safety; “The Masters”.

  • Fiore

    “Fiore” is Italian for “carefully selected”.

    “Original upholstery collection Fiore” contains not just basic items, but also sophisticated ones, with products to suit all tastes. Each and every one carefully selected based on accumulated experience and ideas.

    With “Fiore”, it is our desire that while feeling excited to choose a material, you can feel the high quality, and materials can be used with peace of mind.

    And moreover…

    “Fiore” also symbolizes “the best”. As a leading material manufacturing brand, we will continue to seek out only the highest quality and value in our products.