We offer a wide range of materials and functional materials which keep up with the latest trends - from products designed for bags, satchels and miscellaneous items to our automobile lineup.

Catalog Lineup

  • Miscellaneous Goods – OEM

    OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is the manufacture of goods for other brands, or refers to the company that is contracted to do the work.


    Our 3rd Sales Office of our 1st Business Division, instead of selling our own products, develops plans and products (misc. goods, etc.) to meet our customers’ needs.


    We have the goods manufactured domestically in one of our partner factories – a practice we have been doing for many years within Japan.
    We have the capacity to respond to a range of orders from our customers – for varying quality and delivery times.
    Please contact us for details.

  • alba

    New catalog showcasing materials from Sincol’s (Osaka) range for original bags, satchels and miscellaneous goods.


    Contains a wide range of materials including nylons such as RISE/GRAIL, leathers, canvas and auxiliary materials.


    We will continue to add products that reflect both the needs of our customers and current trends.

  • Feel Collection

    Using our knowhow of interior materials accumulated over many years, we formulate designs for original stationary goods.


    We use PVC leather, from Sincol’s own brand of furniture for, of course, production of our materials and for manufacturing, as well as planning and quality inspection, and this is all completed within Japan. We offer high quality products that are secure and safe for people and the environment, with excellent durability, and anti-grime functionality. Stationary made of natural leather is expensive, and it has the disadvantage of it wearing out from scratches and discoloration, etc. in just 6 months to a year. By using the PVC leather used for our furniture, we create notebook covers with a solid thickness close to that of natural leather. We design items that are easy to maintain, and in an affordable price range.