Flooring that provides constant support for your feet. We offer flooring with features needed for different locations.
  • Cushioned Flooring

    “Peace of mind” “Clean” “Design”

    “Peace of mind” Risk of injury from falls is lowered due to the high level of cushioning used.
    “Clean” Tough against water stains – only prompt wiping needed to remove blots and maintain a clean lifestyle.
    “Design” Has a more real feel; a choice of flooring to suit your needs from a wide lineup of products.

  • Design

    To create authentic spaces, we practice more than authentic design.

  • Functionality of Ponleum

    Sincol provides functional flooring products demanded by specialty firms and easy to use products for domestic use, all created with the environment in mind.

  • Diverse Range of Types of Products

    From domestic cushion vinyl flooring to non-slip floor surfaces – we offer a full range of flooring surface products.

Catalog Lineup

  • Cushion Vinyl Flooring for Residential Use – Ponleum

    Published January 2019

    Clean and comfy lifestyle, from the floor up.

  • Sincol Flooring Materials for Commercial / Public Utilities – Cushion Flooring Vinyl Sheets – SINCOL FLOOR

    Published December 2017

    Easily add flair to any space.
    Cushion and vinyl flooring for commercial and public utility use.
    Series includes 247 items.

    MP matis pattern / 20 items
    MF matis / 26 items
    FA free floor / 35 items
    FR fira / 8 items
    VA value / 30 items
    FW woody leum / 5 items
    SFP / SFM plain / marble / 20 items / 19 items
    FA free floor / 35 items
    S cushion floor / 29 items
    SXG cushion floor / 13 items
    NNP anti-slip floor / 36 items
    CT / AE chemical resistant / Antistatic sheets / 2 items of each
    FC soft lay sheet / 2 items

  • mattonella

    September 2016

    mattonella (Sincol original products)
    Multi-layered vinyl flooring tiles for a wide range of needs – from commercial to residential.

    Semi-custom Made Order System
    We accept custom orders of small lots for different sizes, surface embossment finishes, beveling, thicknesses / heavy duty specifications, and UV coating. Large items (sized 457.2 × 914.4) are subject to beveling only.
    For details, please contact our representative for delivery time confirmation etc.

    Mosaic Cut System
    Various tiles cut by computer are combined to create mosaic flooring.

    Design Cut System
    Original designs using computer cutting machines.

    Removable flooring “Okishiki Series”
    Reapplication of flooring is simple, making products ideal for rental properties.

    *Digital catalog to be released soon.
    Please check the catalog by downloading the PDF file.


    Composite Vinyl Flooring Tiles
    ■ Standard size: 304.8 mm × 304.8 mm
    ■ Material thickness: 2.0 mm
    ■ Number of colors: 24