Our functional carpet offerings are not just comfy and easy on the feet, they suit all sorts of spaces.
  • Features

    By simply laying the carpets, many different effects are achieved.

    “Safety” Compared to other products, these are slip resistant, and if a slip occurs, the carpets are softer meaning a lower chance of injury.
    “Sound proof” Softens sounds that would otherwise travel below the floor.
    “Heat retainment” Due to the carpet’s texture being made up of a high number of thin fibers, air is retained and this leads to superior heat retention.
    “Energy efficiency” With its high heat retention properties, less energy for heating and cooling is expended.

  • Functionality of Sincol Carpets

    “AllerCatcher” adheres to mites and dust and breaks them down.

    Air cleaning woolen material is used to clean the room’s air, and humidity is regulated - Many benefits are achieved just by installation of the carpet.

  • Environmental Friendliness of Sincol Carpets

    Carpet tile recycling system

    We are working to reduce the burden on the environment by recycling – we use a system that collects, separates, and reuses used tiles.

  • Sincol Custom Carpet Orders System

    Pursuing originality with superior designs

    Sincol assists in creating outstanding spaces for outstanding people.

Catalog Lineup

  • SQ PRO

    Published January 2019


    -Meet the light –

    An abundance of designs and construction example listings for hotels, elderly homes, offices and stores are listed.

    A sample book making the use of tile carpets plain to see.

    Total number of products: 421 items (111 patterns) (including custom order items)


    Published January 2019

    Listings for 15 color schemes (3 types) of BCF nylon HIGH TECH carpets
    HIGH TECH 8,600 yen per m² – a certified JIS standard product
    HIGH TECH Eco 8,800 yen per m² – ‘Eco mark’ certified product [made to order product]
    HIGH TECH S 10,200 yen per m² – ultra anti-static type [made to order product]

  • KIRALA vol.2

    Published January 2019

    4,900 yen per m² (price not inclusive of tax)

    Pile – 100% polypropylene

    Backing – P.V.C + glass fiber nonwoven fabric

    Pile length – 3.5 mm (total thickness 6.5 mm)

    Pile density – 1/10 G size – 50 cm × 50 cm

    Special properties:
    Fire resistance – E2110265
    Electrostatic propensity – 1.0 KV or under


    Published January 2019

    The NEW NEO range aims to be “easy to choose” and “easy to use”.

    Price: 6,100 yen per m² (not including adhesive) for plain and patterned polypropylene products (parts mixed with ester).
    Listed products: 18 patterns, 102 colors


    Published January 2019

    A sample book containing 28 colors of NEW TECH, 6 colors of NEW TECH Stripe and combinations of custom orders.

    Listed products: 2 patterns, 34 colors


    Published January 2019

    A sample book containing continuous PARCO Series including continuous items and one new color.

    Listed products: 5 patterns, 61 colors

  • PIAD

    Published January 2019

    A sample book containing new PIAD products: PIAD Dim products (4 colors), PIAD Light (3 colors), PIAD Neo (16 colors), and one new color has been added to the existing PIAD Block lineup.

  • haruru

    Published June 2017

    Published in January 2014

    A sample book containing rolled carpets, 3 patterns and a total of 21 items, with value pricing – 3,200 yen and 3,400 yen per m².

    Leila: 3,200 yen per m²

    Also listed in Spacy vol.13.
    Anju: 3,400 yen per m²
    New Elie: 3,200 yen per m²

  • Spacy

    Published June 2017

    For a feel from the future.


    A comfortable feel – as if being wrapped up in the soft fibers.

    A design that seamlessly spreads out.

    The attraction of rolled carpet, every time you step on it, every time you lie down on it.

    Lightening the load for those who step towards the future.

    Sincol’s carpets provide for a fuller future.


    We will offer spaces that only Sincol can offer, by increasing the number of our high quality original designs.

    We’ve made it easier to choose – with large patterns and plain offerings; patterns that draw on modern and Japanese influences.

    We’ve also created a QR accessible site – where all color schemes and installation examples can be viewed.