Efforts to reduce burden on the environment – ISO14001 certification

Since 2006, at Sincol we have been recognized with international environmental management certification of ISO14001 by the examining authority of the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, for the creation of products and development of systems that take environmental impact into account, and are people friendly.

By being certified 14001, we are socially responsible, and by making improvements to our business model, we put our upmost into sustainably providing products and services that truly provide our customers peace of mind.


ISO14001:2015 Registration no.: JUSE-EG-320
ISO14001:2015 Organization acquired: Sincol
Certifying body Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers
Certification covers Headquarters, Kyoto branch, Shiga branch, Kobe branch, Hanshin branch, Wakayama branch, Himeji / Tajima branch, Toyooka sales office, and car park


Sincol’s Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principle

We aim to make all those associated with our business happy, by selling products using business activities that are healthy for the mind and body.



Basic Policy

1. Take actions
Work on business activities with the environment in mind.


2. Respect
Observe laws and regulations and keep promises with stakeholders.


3. Aim
Aim for a healthy and safe working environment.


We continue forge ahead under this policy, with periodic reviews.


Yosuke Nishimura
President & CEO