Total Interior Supplier

Sincol was founded in 1930 as a wholesale company supplying leather products.

Since establishment, we have pursued the innovation of a variety of materials, and continue to create new uses for these materials.

Over time, Sincol has become the main brand of our business for interior materials and we have continuously expanded the range of the products we have on offer.

We have grown to now be a comprehensive supplier of interior products, including livingware, covering a diverse range of lifestyle needs.

Into the future, Sincol will continue to innovate, keeping one step ahead of current trends, with consideration of the environment, offering safe and comfortable interior designs.

We will continue to refine our skillset in order to provide our customers with high satisfaction as we meet each of their diversified needs.

Yosuke Nishimura
President & CEO

Company Overview

Company name SINCOL Co.Ltd.
HQ address 3-3-16 Nagatahigashi, Higashiosaka-shi,
Osaka, 577-0012, Japan
Established 1930
Incorporated 1953
Paid-in capital 80 million yen (140 million yen for corporate group)
Company representative Yosuke Nishimura
Company employees 200 (310 in group)
Annual revenue 10.36 billion yen (as of year ending March 2017)
Corporate Group Sincol Hiroshima Co.Ltd.
Sincol Okinawa Co.Ltd.
Main bank accounts Mizuho (Namba branch)
MUFJ (Joto branch)
Resona (Higashiosaka branch)
Business areas Osaka, Nara Prefs. (under HQ operations)
Kyoto Pref. (Kyoto branch)
Hyogo Pref. (Kobe, Hanshin, Himeji Tajima branches and Toyooka office)
Shiga Pref. (Shiga branch)
Wakayama Pref. (Wakayama branch)

Company History Timeline

1930 Founded by Minojiro Morikawa as a wholesaler of velvet
1951 Established Shinko Leather Company (Representative Director: Sukeji Ikeda)
1961 Increased paid-in capital to 6 million yen
1964 Increased paid-in capital to 10 million yen
1965 Increased paid-in capital to 15 million yen
1967 Constructed delivery center in Moriguchi city / Paid-in capital increased to 20 million yen
1969 Osamu Nishimura became managing director
1970 Established Okinawa Sales Office
1972 Increased paid-in capital to 40 million yen
1973 Increased paid-in capital to 60 million yen
1974 Increased paid-in capital to 70 million yen
1975 Kanji in Company name changed to katakana
1976 Completed construction of new company building in Higashiosaka city
1985 Increased paid-in capital to 80 million yen
1989 Name changed from Shinko Leather Company to Shinko Corporation
1993 Established Sancosmo Corporation
1994 Established Shinko Okinawa Company
1995 Established Shinko Hiroshima Company
1996 Goodwill of business transferred to Sincol Corporation (Osaka)
2006 Yosuke Nishimura became managing director
2008 Inherited goodwill of Sincol Corporation
2009 Merged with Sincol Kyoto
2011 Merged with Sancosmo Corporation